Publication Date

Summer 2017

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Arts


Communication and Training

First Advisor

Jayne Goode, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

David M. Rhea, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Lara Stache, Ph.D.


Crises can cause immediate chaos within any organization they touch. It is imperative that the individuals tasked with responding to crises are knowledgeable enough to communicate using a variety of methods and practices. Transit agencies task Transportation Managers and other key personnel to effectively communicate with front line employees before, during and after a crisis. In order for transit mangers to effectively communicate during crisis it is vital they are provided the necessary training relating to crisis communication. The purpose of the project is to develop a workshop for transit managers, stakeholders, and key leadership that are tasked with the responsibility of communicating to front line employees during transit crises and crisis management. The workshop will first introduce the importance of crisis communication and examine definitions related to crisis communication. Then the workshop will further discuss transit manager's roles and responsibilities within crisis communication. Next, the workshop will provide crisis strategies that transit mangers can use to build a relationship with front line employees to establish effectively communication. Last, the workshop will explain the Coombs Crisis model and the Situational Crisis Communication Theory as a reference that transit managers can use to assess how to respond to the variations of crises.