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Master of Arts


Communication and Training

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Marilyn Yirku, M.A.

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Sheree Sanderson, M.A.


This study aims to explore and prove that media (as defined in T.V. sitcoms and dramas) portrays an unrealistic expectation that is placed on romantic relationships. More specifically, it can affect the way people think and behave when it comes to marriages and serious relationships. Some may begin to compare their present relationship with a romantic relationship within the sitcoms and dramas. This study will. be used to promote awareness when making conscious and sensible decisions in regards to choosing partners. This will be done by conducting surveys that will exhibit the direct emotional effect of sitcoms and dramas on adolescents ranging from 15-18 years of age and young adults 20- 23. The findings used are derived from current T.V. sitcoms and dramas, with further consideration as to its effects on age, gender, race, and marital status.


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