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Master of Science


Computer Science


The FairJobs Online application is a Web Application that connects the job seeker with the recruiter in open public fairs. For example, have you gone to a job fair and looked around endlessly but did not find what you wanted? What if you were looking for IT jobs and did not find any because you were looking for those big IT companies that were not at the fair. What if those jobs were there but under a recruiter you missed because you were not searching deeper or the advertisement was not there? You missed out on a potential opportunity!

The proposed application will connect the job seeker and the recruiter before the big event. All the job seeker has to do is register and fill out custom information or apply for positions posted by recruiters. The recruiter receives a list of job seekers that match the criteria or applications from postings he is advertising for and emails appointments or send out valuable information for meetup. On the job fair day, the job seeker will be scheduled to go those stations directly and the rest is history.

Then main goal to make valuable use of time for both parties and even have a good turnout for the event host. Requirements include but not limited to GUI interface programmed in C# and ASP.NET is needed for user friendly accessibility with account log in page, a back-end SQL database to handle account information, reports and custom queries. 3 types of entity interfaces must be created: Jobseeker interface, Recruiter interface and Administrator interface to manage the site. The website needs to the ability to send email notifications and real time confirmation, if time allows a mobile app for on-the-go use.


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