Publication Date

Spring 2011

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Science


Analytical Chemistry

First Advisor

Walter Henne, Jr., Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Patty Fu-Giles, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Stephen Kent, M.B.A.


Folate-targeted dyes have been used for the detection of tumor tissue and isolated cancer cells in both the animal tumor models as well as in human cancer patients. Folate receptors (FR) are abundantly present on several cancerous cell types but they are found less in normal human cells. There are several imaging agents that can be linked with folic acid and used for the detection of tumor. These imaging agents could be protein toxins, chemotherapeutic agents, gene therapy vectors, oligonucleotides, radioimaging agents, magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents and liposomes with entrapped drugs, radiotherapeutic agents and/or immunotherapeutic agents. This research showed that targeting one of these agents, the fluorescent dye, Dylight 488, produced more specific and sensitive imaging of malignant cells for diagnostics purpose of cancer detection.

In the present research, we synthesized folate-conjugate dye, Folate- DyLightTM488, using simple methods and minimal efforts. The research involved purification of synthesized Folate-Conjugate, Folate-DyLightTM488 by HPLC followed by the analysis of purified Folate-DyLightTM488. The purified Folate-DyLightTM488 was first analyzed using UV/VIS micro-plate reader as well as LC-DAD and finally with the LCMS. Mass Spectroscopy eventually confirmed the dye. Ultimately, the dye was lyophilized and used for the cancer cell detection by fluorescent microscope.