Google Hacking for Penetration Testers

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In the news today, we often hear about nationally encompassing data breaches, with credit card information as well as other personal information being compromised. These are the result of technology systems and websites that have been hacked, thereby resulting in the release of user information for nefarious reasons. Security within these technology information areas has become a very important industry which is expanding at high rates. As far back as the late 60’s, the RAND Corporation identified the need for security within computer systems, and the expansion of modern-day technology systems has proven that the need for security is ever- increasing.

One of the major ways a security expert can become educated, is by attempting to penetrate their own systems. This process is known as penetration testing. The book, “Google Hacking for Penetration Testing”, explains one of the most modern, yet simple ways to harden your system against attacks. This paper, along with other supporting materials, will create an introductory course for future data security officers or penetration testers.

Successful completion of this course will allow the students a very good pathway for a career as a data security officer, or to simply secure their own websites and systems.


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