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Capstone Project

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Master of Science


Computer Science


The basic purpose of this system to provide a facility for raising the funds through digital media. These days lots of People are interested to involve in social activities for a better society, but they cannot raise many funds individually to help people in need. To reach a greater number of funds, digital media is the best platform. Collecting doorstep funds is a challenging task and volunteers encounter several issues. The better way to solve the problem is by providing a platform where people can register and raise funds for events and campaigns. To donate funds, people should know the information and cause to donate the fund, but they cannot check or track the donations. With a fund-raising application, every piece of information is provided, and all donations are trackable. To achieve this, a web application should be implemented and provide a lot of services to users and donors.

There are 3 different types of users in the application. They are the users, donors, and administrators. Users can provide their service to society by registering and starting campaigns. They can publish information about campaigns and raise the funds. Donors are the People who want to donate the funds. Donors can view the list of campaigns and donate the fund.

An administrator manages users and campaigns. Managing the users is one of the critical tasks of the application. Every user needs to be identified by the user’s name and password, privacy and security need to be achieved. Different other features can be added to the application like search, view, notifications, alerts, profile management, etc. This is one of the new services for the people who want to raise the funds in doing any of the events. All the users of the application will be benefitted from this implementation. This project will be completed by the 20thof April -2021.

This application is going to develop in ASP.NET (.NET framework) using C# as code behind and MSSQL SERVER as Database. We are using Visual Studio as IDE for developing the application.


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