Online Art Gallery

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Capstone Project

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Master of Science


Computer Science


Online Art Gallery is an e-commerce website, which allows people with art and artists all over the world to showcase a large selection of paintings, drawings, prints, digital art, sculpture and photography. This website also provides artists with a curated environment in which to exhibit and sell their work.

Online Art Gallery contains a database which stores artist, buyer, and gallery information. This website allows the artist and buyer the ability to browse for artwork by categories, subjects, artists, tags and prices. This website allows advanced searching where a potential buyer can search galleries based on specifics such as theme, author, date, size, price, or color. The buyer will also be sent to a booking form and payment process to finalize transactions. This website will also incorporate a user survey and comment form.

The Online Art Gallery will be created in the Microsoft Web Application Framework, ASP.NET. The Front-end of the website will be created in HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap. The Backend of the website will incorporate C-Sharp and SQL Server 2017 to process and store user input respectively. Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2017 will be used as the Integrated Development Environments to create the website and its database.


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