Home Away From Home

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Capstone Project

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Master of Science


Computer Science


This project addresses the need for a housing market for the on the go person. It is important because there is a need for fully furnished convenient housing around the globe.

Our website will include an admin page and section. The admin will be able to view transactions, property listings, bookings, and ratings.

Owners accounts will include uploading their properties, set payment settings and ratings.

Renters accounts will include ratings, and surveys.

Fully furnished convenient housing is the perfect solution for business travelers, relocating employees, and project teams needing short or long-term housing around the globe. Whether you arrange temporary living for mobile employees or need temporary housing yourself, convenient housing delivers temporary living for the on the go person.

We are enhancing an existing service to address short-term and long-term housing. We are improving the convenient housing market through an easy process by offering a single source solution service platform.

We intend to build this web application within a window of January 2019 to May 2019 and release on May 8, 2019.

We will be building this project using C#, HTML, CSS JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, LINQ, XML, TSQL and MSSQL Server.


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