Publication Date

Fall 2022

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Yunchuan Liu

Second Advisor

Xin (Jasmine) Chen

Third Advisor

Dae Wook Kim


We all know that the population is growing daily, and the existing resources are not satisfying the population's needs. If we consider a city where in finding a home for rent, knowing the amenities of the house, rent of the house, location of the house is difficult. In the current system, finding a house for rent is difficult for a tenant, but managing the home by the owner is also a complicated issue. Keeping in mind about the issues of the tenant and owner, a new application is developed which is known as Management system for Apartment.
This application will be having the users like tenant, owner, and the administrator. If a tenant wants to find a house or apartment on rent, then he needs to go to the application and he should register with it. After registering with the application, he should log into it and at the same time he can search for the vacant houses or apartments in the given location. Application will be taking the input and provides the necessary details to the users. If we click on that information, then we can view all the details of the house or apartment. This information will help the tenant to view the home without going there, they can know the rent of the house, they can contact the owner directly. If both parties are agreed for the house, then they will be entering the house, owner will be having the right to enter the tenant details. A user name will be created for the tenant and then he can contact to the owner related to the issues of the homes, bills, payments etc. All this information will be stored in the database and whenever the owner, and the tenant is having any issue and they can make use of these details to clarify the issue. Existing applications will not be suitable for the current requirements, so we want to design and develop new applications. We are expecting to complete this application before 12th of December, 2022.
This application is developed by using Java technologies and the database we use is MySQL. To design the GUI of the application, we will be using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and the coding will be written by using jQuery and PHP.