Publication Date

Fall 2014

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Science


Analytical Chemistry

First Advisor

Karen D'Arcy, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Walter Henne, Jr., Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Kulugammana Ranmohotti, Ph.D.


In the academic year of 2014-2015, Governors State University will be accepting and enrolling freshman into the university. Therefore, the chemistry department will be offering general chemistry for the first time in its history. Now is the time to introduce the concept of Green Chemistry. Green Chemistry is not a new class but a philosophy that the department or at least the individual experiments within a lab course needs to looks at. There are 12 Principles of Green Chemistry:

  1. Prevention
  2. Atom Economy
  3. Less Hazardous Chemical Syntheses
  4. Designing Safer Chemicals
  5. Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries
  6. Design for Energy Efficiency
  7. Use of Renewable Feedstocks
  8. Reduce Derivatives
  9. Catalysis
  10. Design for Degradation
  11. Real-time Analysis for Pollution Prevention
  12. Inherently Safer Chemistry for Accident Prevention

Experiments from a laboratory class will be selected to apply the Principles of Green Chemistry, the experiments will be selected, and modifications to the experiments will be made.


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