CRM Portal

Novnil Kumar Singh, Governors State University


The main purpose of this project is to manage the information of the company’s existing and potential customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Portal is a web application that enables the enlisted with user credentials to login and access the application to add the customers information. This Portal contains three roles: sales, supervisor or Manager, and an admin role handles the database.

CRM Portal contains modules as below.

  • Contact Management.
  • Notes Management.
  • Opportunity Management.
  • Proposals Management.
  • Project Management.

The supervisors can track all the information uploaded by the sales staff through the modules. This helps the company to grow their business as customers interests and sales will be tracked by the manager. It helps the company to improve their workflow at the same time.

The website will be mobile friendly and responsive to different screen resolutions. It also uses the Bootstrap mapping technology to show interactive screens. As the CRM Portal contains different modules, specific information can be stored in those modules so that the Portal looks user friendly to all users.