Ethics for Bureaucrats: An Essay on Law and Values, 1st. Edition


Ethics for Bureaucrats: An Essay on Law and Values, 1st. Edition



This important text integrates the study of ethics into public management training, highlighting Supreme Court opinions on three specific constitutional values-equality, freedom, and property-focusing on the pedagogical aspects of law and posing challenging questions to help readers apply theories to concrete situations. It includes a case index for further research. Topics of specific interest include abortion, affirmative action, bureaucratic bashing, civil disobedience, the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, the Iran-Contra scandal, moral absolutism, privileged communications, religious fundamentalism, and whistle blowing. The Midwest Review of Pubic Administration lauds it as "…a unique teaching tool."



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M. Dekker


New York


first edition, civil service, ethics, public administration, government executives


Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility | Public Administration


Series: Political science (New York) ; v. 8. John A. Rohr is Professor of Public Administration in the College of Business and Public Service at Governors State University in Park Forest South, Illinois. He received a Ph.D. in political science from the University of CHicago in 1970 and holds graduate degrees from Loyola and Georgetown Universities in philosophy (Ph.L., 1959) and theology (S.T.L., 1966), respectively. In 1974, Dr. Rohr received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to conduct research on methods of integrating ethics into the public administration curriculum. The following year he was selected as a Fellow by the National Association of Schools of PUblic Affairs and Administration (NASPAA). He spent his fellowship year as Associate Director of the General Management Training Center of the United State Civil Service Commission, where he designed a training manual on ethics in public management. Recently, he received an award for "Excellence in Teaching" from Operation PUSH (Chicago). Dr. Rohr is the author of Prophets Without Honor: Public Policy and the Selective Conscientious Objector and many articles and reviews.

Ethics for Bureaucrats: An Essay on Law and Values, 1st. Edition