Teaching Science for All Children: An Inquiry Approach, 5th Edition


Teaching Science for All Children: An Inquiry Approach, 5th Edition



Comprehensive and engaging, the fifth edition of Teaching Science for All Children prepares elementary teachers to help students grasp the nature of science, construct understanding of and connections between science content area materials, apply scientific processes, and understand the interactions between science, technology, and society. The more than 60 featured lessons in the text employ the “Engage, Explore, Explain, Expand, Evaluate” Learning Cycle model and incorporate National Science Education Standards across all K-8 grade levels and science disciplines–earth, space, life, and physical. Authoritative coverage of science safety, new technology, national standards, and strategies for teaching diverse learners are the hallmarks of this well-respected text.



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Dr. Colleen Sexton is an Associate Professor of Science Education at Governors State University, University Park, IL. She is the Academic Director of the South Suburban Consortium for Grow Your Own Illinois Teachers. This initiative is designed to provide a college degree to teacher candidates committed to teaching in traditionally hard-to-staff school districts. She has a special interest in Environmental Education and effective Integration of Educational Technology in the classroom. She has traveled to Turkey and Cyprus to deliver professional development in science education to K-8 teachers and to present keynote addresses at International Technology Conferences on the effective use of educational technology tools in science classrooms. Prior to GSU she was an Associate Professor and Secondary Education Coordinator at Ohio University in Athens, OH. Dr. Sexton also served for four years as the Program Manager for the Ohio SchoolNet Plus Initiative. This $495M initiative was designed to provide one interactive workstation in the classroom for every five children throughout Ohio’s K-5 classrooms. While with Ohio SchoolNet she was also directly responsible for the professional development opportunities for the interactive video projects. From 1988-1996 Dr. Sexton served as instructor and then as an Assistant Professor for the College of Education at Ohio University, serving as Curriculum Director for the Appalachian Distance Learning Project – a 3rd grade interactive video pilot. Her K-12 experience includes eight years of high school science teaching in the Chicago area and one year of teaching introductory biology at the community college level. Her research areas include the use of handhelds in higher education, the integration of educational technology into the science curriculum, and teacher dispositions in an online learning environment.

Teaching Science for All Children: An Inquiry Approach, 5th Edition