Spring 2013 Grant Award Winners

  • Crystal Blount - 2013 Women's History Month Celebration
  • Maristella Zell & Tim Petigo - 2nd Spring Symposium on Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices in Higher Education
  • Elizabeth Johnson - Africana/Hip-Hop Dance with Riley
  • Jeff Stevenson - "Art Gathering: The Collector" closing reception and panel discussion
  • Bonnie Gregg, LaTonya Holmes & Tina Hughes-Burke - GS2U (Giving Support 2 U) Workshop Series
  • Terry Banies, Darryl Cooke, Patricia Miller & Lorri Glass - Hope Constitutes Change: A Restorative Approach for Students Faced with a Criminal Background
  • Deborah James & Maristella Zell - Media Studies and Social Work Connect through Experience: A Cross Discipline Transmedia Collaboration
  • Ann Manning-Nagel - Veterans and Suicide Prevention
  • Robin Thompson - Veterans Writing Group
  • Robin Thompson - Veterans Writing Group Reception and Reading
  • Deborah James - Women Make Media: Collaboration as Public Memory

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