Spring 2014 Grant Award Winners

  • Ben Almassi - 2014 Gender Matters Conference: “Embodying Praxis, Engaging Solutions”, Keynote Address by Former United States Surgeon General Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders
  • David Golland - 2014 Civil Rights Act Commemoration Film Series
  • Katherine Haan - Not My Life: International Women’s Day Celebration
  • Caron Jacobson - Productivity and Citizenship: Expressions of Life after Prison
  • Elizabeth Johnson, Elizabeth Ruiz, and Serena Wadhwa - Labor Unions in the 21st Century: What is Your [S]Take?
  • Larry S. Levinson - Student Mini-Conference in Commemoration of Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Asabi Yakini - An Evening with Governors State University African-American Researchers
Summer/Fall 2014 Grant Award Winners

  • Yevette Brown - Respond to Violence Youth Forum: How Long Will I Cry Readers Theater with follow-up panel discussion between GSU student performers and local high school students
  • Sarah Ezell (graduate student), Darlene Wright and Crystal Blount - Life-Span to Financial Literacy Fair. The structure of the event includes a presentation of brief talks as well as a financial resource fair on each stage of an individual’s financial decisions across the developmental life span.
  • Andrae Marak - 2014 Midwest World History Association Conference: “Human Rights in World History”, Keynote Address by Juan Gonzalez, author of Harvesting Empire and co-host of Democracy Now
  • Patricia Robey - 12 Life Changing Lessons from the Airport. The content of this presentation is designed to help the participants assess if they are on the course in life that will take them where they really want to end up.
  • Patricia Robey - How to Balance School, Work, and Life. This workshop will help students/participants look at their priorities and strike a healthy balance between what’s most important.

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