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Anita Westphal, Burton Collins, campus parking, college administrators, Jacob Liao, Judith Grossman, lectures and lecturing, Michael D. Lewis, Melvyn N. Freed, Nancy Paulus, newspaper courses, Richard Newman, Robert A. Kloss, scholarships, theater, University Assembly, University Without Walls (UWW)


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] Reduction in Parking Fees--Newspaper Appointee--Jacob Liao: Photo King [p.2] GSU Modules Offered at South Suburban Community Colleges--College: Then and Now\Marian Houston--New Vice President of Administration--Cool Tempers for a Hot Summer--RASH--A Reminder [p.3] The Shademaker\Ron Saucci--New Director of Admissions--Recipe Corner--PAG Award Winner--Looking Broke Gets You a Break--College Makes Cents--Peace Corps Need Recruits--HLD Professor to Study in China [p.4] 1st UWW Grad--NewsBriefs--GSU Students Win Scholarships--GSU Offers Newspaper Modules--Child Labor Violations--Explanation of University Without Walls Program--Peggy Lee to Appear at Drury Lane--University Assembly Election [p.5] Vets Page\John C. Heinz and Dave Murray--More Vets Hit the Streets--New Deal on VA Education Loans--The Generals New Toys-- Job Hotline for Vets--Uninterrupted Checks for Some Students-- Correct Address Needed for Final VA Check [p.6] As I See It\Dave Murray--Apathy at GSU--Critique of Paul Hume--Canadian Advice to GSU Administration--Your $15 Activity Fee in Action--Organic Bleacher Bums [p.7] Harlequin in Review [p.8] People, Places, Thangs [sic]--Lecture Series for 77-78--Prairie State Offers General Courses--A Contemporary Perspective on Women--Memorial to Robert A. Kloss [p.9] Runners Invited to Marathon--Waterfate [sic]--Want to Be a Pilot--Gladys Knight and The Pips at the Mill Run [p.11] Big Jim is His Name, Fighting is His Game\Matthew A. Koswenda--Uganda Hostages\Malik Hakim--Stretch Your Bucks [p.12] JobMart.