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campus parking, Clinton Moewe, college publications, Douglas Q. Davis, Gwendolyn Shah-Ingram, Hannah Frisch, Learning Resources Center (LRC), newpaper courses, Phil Billone, shuttle services, student registration, Suzanne Prescott, The Creative Woman, Tulsi B. Saral, tutors and tutoring, University Assembly, University Without Walls (UWW)


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] Parking Cards Available-- Activity Fee Update--The Plan to End IC Shuttle Bus: An Editorial [p.2] What Every GSU Student Should Know About the Teaching/Learning Center (TLC)--Employment Agencies Turn Pro: Interested in Employment Counseling? [p.3] Koswenda’s Korner--Motherhood’s Role in Childrearing to be Offered at GSU--Repairing the Damage\Jeanne Foody [p.4] The Creative Woman\Suzanne Haig--Contemporary Perspectives on Women--Protests Demand End to Attacks on Abortion\Suzanne Haig [p.5] The New Student’s Guide to GSU-isms [p.6] Vets Page\John Heinz and Dave Murray--Good Standing Policy Enforcement--GI Bill Allowance Rise Due October 1--Job Discrimination Against Veterans?--Vet Job Preference to be Scrapped? Vet’s Club--Work-Study Program Can Ease Expense for Vets--Veteran’s Affairs Office Hours Extended--Join the Navy: Learn to Read [p.7] University Assembly Report--Suicide Rate High Among Doctors|Myron G. Petty [p. 8] PSI & the Occult: Voodoo Initiation\Jacquie Lewis--New Films Available in the LRC Media\SIM Center [p.9] Dr. Theodore Taylor to Lecture at GSU--Cancer Conference--Registration Fall, 1977--Materials Seminar--Mini Grants Available--Reach Inc. --UWW Open for Graduate Study--GSU Student Named UN Intern--HLD Professor to Lecture in Atlanta [p.10] People, Places, Thangs [sic] --Victory Gardens Theater to Centralize Operations--The Sound of Music at Arie Crown--CETA Programs Offered at Prairie State--Education--Imprisoned by Choice--Crime & Justice Newspaper Module Offered at GSU [p.11] Journalism Courses Offered at Prairie State College--Teacher Aide Courses Offered at Prairie State--New Student Classification--Prairie State Receives Recognition--Attention Graduates--Quit Smoking Clinic to be Held at GSU--Food Co-op [p.12] JobMart