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Clark Terry, college administrators salaries, College of Business and Public Service (CBPS), Community and Student Affairs (CASA), Geraldo Rivera, GSU Foundation, jazz ensembles, John C. Heinz, Ralph J. Winston, school enrollment, student registration


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] BPS Faculty Demand Ouster of Dean Winston\Dave Murray--GSU Foundation 77 Drive [p.2] Letters--Enrollment Stats for Illinois Universities--Well Nobody’s Perfect!--Is AFT Telling It Like It Is?--U.S. is Top Tube Society\James Cook--GSU Advance Registration [p.3] As I See It\Dave Murray--Geraldo Rivera: Crusader or Cream Puff?--GSU Classes Offered at Junior Colleges--Koswenda’s Corner: Human Rights - The Subject is Me\Matthew A. Koswenda--Hollywood’s Glamor Photo’s [sic] Exhibited--CASA [p.4] NewsBriefs--State Rep. Steczo to Speak at GSU--Quantitative and Written Competency Examinations--Conserve Energy [p.5] Clark Terry Teaches an Audience--Aunt Martha’s Selects New Board Members--University Relations: December News Digest--Community Center Seeks Donations [p.6] Vets Page\Dave Murray--Vets Must Repay If Dropping Courses Says VA Honcho--Uncle Sam Turns Tutor: John Heinz Has Details--ANG Can Mean a College Degree [p.7] Carol Channing Came Back\Zelda Peters--Coming Events [p.8] Film Series at GSU--Regulation--Free Discount Coupons for Pippin--Student Movies--Youth Service Seeks Volunteers [p.9] Cultural Calendar by Carolyn--New Jazz Musicians at GSU Still Have Same Old Magic--Coming Attraction--“The Cigarette Man” at Victory Gardens Theater--“Oh! Calcutta!” Opens at Michael Todd [p.10] Zerko Moreno Carries Her Torch Well\Carolyn Greer [p.11] Dec. 1 Deadline for PSC Nursing Applications [p.12] JobMart.