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College of Business and Public Service (CBPS), Douglas Q. Davis, Eugene Vinyard, John B. Johnson, Ken Silber, Ralph J. Winston, shuttle services, Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC), tuition, University Assembly, Vet’s Club, William S. Wickersham


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] “Dump Dean” Advocates Torpedo BPS Meeting\Dave Murray--The IC Bus: The RTA Bus Service - A Balance Sheet\Suzanne Haig--Doug Davis on the Bus Controversy--Financial Aid Checks Delayed--A Call for Action [p.2] Letters-- Alternative Power for GSU?--Morosova Nominations for the 1977 Eselkopf Awards\Luigi Morosova--Life Without Lights [p.3] Hythloday’s Niche: On Tuition Increases\Gregg DeBartolo--Koswenda’s Corner: Caring is Sharing (Or Else!)--New Journal [pp.4-5] Westhaven: Past, Present, and Future\Fran Aldous [p.6] Vets Page\Dave Murray--It’s Party Time! Vets Club Christmas Party--Work-Study Program Can Ease Expense for Vets--What is SSAC?\Carolyn Greer--Your $15 Activity Fee in Action [p.7] Steczo Conference at G.S.U.\Theresa Lauteri and Matthew A. Koswenda--Eugene Vinyard Graduate Recital [p.8] JobMart.