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academic libraries, Association of Illinois Student Governments (AISG), Balance (ecology club), Board of Governors degree program, bookstores, cafeterias, campus-based child care, chess clubs, College of Cultural Studies (CCS), College of Human Learning and Development (CHLD), community dental services, community outreach, concerts, conferences, cooperative education, Instructional Communications Center (ICC), International Students Association, Learning Resources Center (LRC), sex change, shuttle services, Southern Africa Liberation Committee, Student Assistant Deans, Governors State University Student Services, Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC), Students Interested in Community College Careers (SICC), Union of African People, University Advocate, veterans, Women's Studies


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] Advocate Semi-Annual Report: Students Have a Friend/Paul Hill--Student & Worker Escape Injuries/Juan Cueva [p.2] Letters--Damned: Who Needs Amnesty/Mike Skyer--Students Charges Bias/Shirlee Mullinix--Flea in a Sandstorm/Robert A. Blue [p.3] GSU Student Orientation: Get Involved--Dental Services; Neat Teeth--Student Services--Student Services Advisory Committee--Subsidizes Student Bus Fare--Day Care Now Available [p.4] Student Asst. Deans Set Pace for Peers--Service Standing By--Positive Response--The Answers Lie in the Doing [p.5] Balance Club Concerned about Ecology--L.R.C. Learning Real Cool!!!--Big Pine Creek Appreciation: It's Common Sense--Chess Club/Bill Whited--Co-op Theory and Practice: Saying It Ain't Doing It!!!--What is I.C.C.? [p.6] Welcome S.A.L.C./Charles Browne--GSU Youth Problems--Union of Afrikan People--BPO Wants SAC Funds--Dr. Whitaker Coordinator: Women Conference on Mental Health [p.7] Four Student Members Seated--Shake It Up Baby: It's a Gas [p.8] Sexual Transformation: From Fear to Freedom--Now Run and Tell That/David R. Burgest--Zodiac Survey Results--Help! Help! Need Students [p.9] Bookstore: It's Problems and ... their Solution--Why You Should Grow Your Own/Betty Lewis [p.10] I.S.A.: Alive and Active--Food Service--Apply Now for Life Experience Credit/Jonathan Woods--Vet's Bulletin Board--Urge Awareness of Health--Community Council Serves as Bridge to the Community--Housing--Students Attend [p.11] Come into My World--Dr. Vorwerk Named Director of LRC--Benefit Golf for Day Care Center Scheduled--Lectures Offered in H.L.D./Janet Gordley--News for Veterans--Equipment Needed for Hickory House--Public Info [p.12] Poetry--Movie Review: Papillon.