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Alma Walker, Child Care Center, College of Business and Public Service (CBPS), College of Cultural Studies (CCS), College of Environmental and Applied Sciences (CEAS), college radio stations, constitutions, Efram Gill, faculty awards, GSU Film Society, Human Potential Movement, International Students Association, Learning Resources Center (LRC), Michael D. Lewis, older people, scholarships, theater, University Assembly, veterans


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] Conference Called to Combat KKK--Walker Begins New UTE Here: Professor Initiates Language Orientated Urban Teacher Program in CCS--Lewis Elected to APA Fellowship--SCEPP Forward Senior Scholar Scholarship--Juvenile Judge to Speak Here--BPS Starts G.S. William Memorial Fund--Efram Gill Joins EAS--GSU's Constitution: Why Not Tell Them Why [p.2] University Assembly Meets Without Quorum--Attendance Figures Prove Film Society a Success/Jean Kalwa--Congress Threatens GI Bill [p.3] Octoberfest Fragrance Smells of Success--Stanley Holds Experiential Learning Assessment Workshop--SSAC Halloween Party Oct. 31 [p.4] Child Care Center Liberation--What is Arica [p.5] Good Entertainment That Passed All Too Quickly/Sharon L. Filkins--International Student Association Presenting Movies of India [p.6] Letters: Getting on the Air Waves--No. 10 Gremlin Hits Below the Belt--Maybe Your Shaft Is Out of Plumb/Alis--Who Is Going to Take the Weight? [p.7] "Work on Level of Aspiration": Just Some More Famous Quotes from Kurt Lewin [p.8] Are You Just a Shadow?!/Jacquie Lewis [p.9] Lines on Wine: Through the Looking Glass or What to See When Looking at Wine/R. Corbin Houchins--Festivals of India: from Fasts to Fairs/Raman K. Patel--Pear-Shaped Look Out: Women Say [p.12] Learning Resources Center.