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cafeterias, children's theater, college radio stations, college teachers' unions, concerts, constitutions, jazz ensembles, K.S. Sitaram, lakes, Marian S.K. Ming, Master Plan, shuttle services, Student Assistant Deans, Vet's Club, Women's Studies, YMCA


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] WGSU Report: Over and Out--Student Organization Down on BHE Master Plan Phase 4 Draft--YMCA Associations Proposes to Buy GSU Recreative Studies Equipment--GSU Music Experience Cuts First Album--"Blackearth" at GSU Nov. 16 in Concert [p.2] SAD's in CCS, BPS, HLD, and EAS Translated--Water and Dirt, Fountains and Bubbles/Sharon L. Filkins--Founding President of NOW to Speak Here--Creative Dramatics and Children at GSU--Constitution Corner [p.3] AFT Takes Stand on Master Plan Phase 4 Draft--Master Plan Phase IV Changes GSU Mandate [p.5] Confidential Confidential Confidential--Lines on Wine: A Summary of a Single Swallow or How to Let Your Lips Touch Wine/R. Corbin Houchins--What is A--Beyond the Fringe/Sharon L. Filkins [p.6] Letters--Individuality vs. Collectivity/Rodney C. Smith--Give Me Shelter: Helping People Come In Out of the Rain and Snow [p.7] Who Can "Say" He Really Knows or When I Know I Don't Know/Tom Mandel--Not by Bread Alone...But by the Sweat of the Brow--Education Has a Future??--"I've Seen People Talk"--Who is Going to Take the Weight?/Robert A. Blue [p.8] News Briefs--Emergency Money Available to Students/Herbert Williams--Marion S.K. King [sic] Becomes University Counsel at GSU--Paul G. Hill Included in Who's Who--Director of P.S. to Speak [p.10] Natural Anti-Imperialist Movement Outgrowth of Conference [p.12] Gremlin #9 Can Be Eaten Up.