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Arcosanti (Ariz.), Board of Governors meetings, children, college publications, conferences, Douglas Q. Davis, film festivals, Henry L. Barton, Innovator, Instructional Communications Center (ICC), John B. Johnson, Ralph H. Metcalfe, Robert L. Lott, Samuel T. Rowell, scholarships, K.S. Sitaram, Governors State University Student Services, Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC), surveys, University Assembly elections, Willie Mae Reid, Women's Resource Center


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.3] Students Protest: Student Services Director 'Iced"--New Director Named to ICC--Message from the President [p.4] Memphis Conference: African Association of Black Studies--UA Candidate Hospitalized: Assembly Elections Postponed--BOG Student Representative Reports on BOG Meeting/Katie Ball and Lincoln Ashford (aka Malik Shabazz)--GSU Professor to Give Top Three Paper--GSU Student Wins $10, 000 Scholarship--Collective Bargaining and Affirmative Action Conflict [p.5] Walker Postpones GSU Trip: Ralph Metcalfe Will Visit GSU Today--'Hartigan Hiding Behind Daley' Alter Charges--State Sen. Bell Wants to Abolish Bussing [sic]--Howlett Opposes Tuition Raise--Legislators in Need of Political Honesty: Hughes [p.6] Big Brother is Coming. S.I. Shows How.--Rip Off--Portfolio Used at Innovative U. [p.7] Editorial: Institutions Eat People--Letters [p.9] GSU Survey Shows People Lost Their Dream--'Where Does All My Money Go?' Students Get Some Answers--Dodd Apologizes for UA Election Foulup/William H. Dodd [p.10] Innovator presents HLD Corner/Barbara Morton--Willie Mae Reid: "Defense Budget Should Be Phased Out"/Martha Hamilton--Do Textbooks Retard Your Child's Awareness?--Sickle Cell Anemia Facts You Should Know/Martha Hamilton [p.11] Arcosanti Revisited [p.12] We Want Your Feedback [p.13] Gzoo Beehive [p.14] CS Black Film Festival Open to All