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Alumni Association, Board of Governors, campus-based child care, Child Care Center, college teachers as authors, cooperative education, Daniel J. Casagrande, David Matteson, financial aid, G. Edward Stormer, Illinois Board of Higher Education, lectures and lecturing, Leo Goodman-Malamuth, Mary P. Endres, Master Plan, Michael D. Lewis, Paul Lobue, Peter Gunther, rescues, Robert A. Blue, Sarah McMurray, scholarships, Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC), telephone, theater, Tulsi B. Saral, Warrick Carter, William S. Wickersham


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] GSU Flyer Saves Woman--Homecoming 1976--Scientific Breakthrough: Is Intellectual Retardation a Word Game--SAC Orientation [p.2] Success at GSU Seems to Multiply--CHLD Sets Innovative Pace with Scholzry Lecture Series--Comments by Earl Butz a Sad Joke--Capitalism! Where Is the Crime?--McMurray Wins Role in "A Star Spangled Girl" [p.3] Affirmative Action Goes to Supreme Court--Fellowships to be Awarded [p.4] Energy Students Go to Swamp to Find Solution to Problem--SSAC Funds and Child Care Center Bombs Out--BOG Executive Officer Will Visit GSU on Wed.--Shutoff of Water Muddies His Job--Elitist Education Principles Re-Instituting European Standards: Social Critic [p.5] Editorial/Edward Ford--Letters [p.6] From San Francisco...New, Exciting Sourdough Recipes--News Briefs--Children's Theatre Prepares for Tour--Involved People Sense Need for Change--Public Lecture on Body Language [p.7] Academic Excellence and Community Relationship Theme in Pres Note [p.8] Blue Notes/Robert A. Blue--Super Dice--Bronze Medal and Stamps Honor...Paul Revere and the Minuteman [p.9] Fuming: Do Additives Poison Car's Converter?/Dan Jedlicka [p.11] Black Notes/Duane Jackson [p.12] Message from B.P.O. [p.13] Financial Aid is Available--Financial Aid for Women [p.14] JobMart--Teenagers are Not What They Were--Student Paints Mural [p.15] GSU Women--Led Him Down the Yellow-Brick Road.