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academic libraries interlibrary loans, Alina Walker-Vinyard, Andrew Gale, Benjamin Lowe, birth announcements, campus parking, Child Care Center, children's theater, College of Environmental and Applied Sciences (CEAS), college teachers as authors, community outreach, Daniel J. Casagrande, education evaluation, Frankie Barnes, Grants, GSU Women, holidays, Information Office, Innovator, Juanita Tyler, June O. Patton, Learning Resources Center (LRC), Lincoln Ashford, Michael D. Lewis, newspaper courses, Paul G. Hill, radar, Robert A. Cornesky, scholarships, search committees, Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC), theater, Tom Layzell


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] GSU Child Care Center Names "Board of Directors"--Parking Lot Changes--Professional Staff Meeting [p.2] Student Feedback--Letters--Things to Get Into--Community Feedback [p.3] GSU Professors Are Involved--New Health Science Director--Human Sexuality [p.4] Search for a New Dean--College Grad Outlook--You Can Be a Truman Scholar--Radar to Study Bad Weather Here--Professor to Serve on Program [p.5] University Professor Editor of New Journal--T.W.O.--for Women [p.6] Blue Notes: Who's Going to Take the Weight?/Robert A. Blue--Humanizing Education--Pre-Retirement Study Here--Illinois News--June Patton Review Book [p.7] Accurate List of Educators Needed--University Holidays--Paper on "Geochemistry of Organic Compound"--London Tour--Additional Optional Life Insurance--Thomas Moves Up--Help with Basic Opportunity Grants Available--Theology for Lunch--Congratulation: Its a Boy [p.8] On The Funny Side [p.9] Star Spangled Girl--Best Seats for Student at Studebaker Theater--No Audience Bad News for Play/Harriet P. Marcus [p.10] Bookings Available for Childrens Theater--For the Serious Reader--Six Gun Justice/Ken Stern [p.11] Job Mart--Cops, Students, Dope and the Post Office: A Consumer's Guide to the Law/Ken Stern [p.12] Funds Needed--What's It All About--Falk Children Extend Gratitude [p.13] Black Notes/Duane Jackson--Christmas Festivities [p.14] GSU to Study Pollution of Great Lakes--New Chairman for SAC--AFT--Mother Pleas for Son Cause [p.15] How Carterized Pollsters Made the Election Seem All-American--Locater Service Expected to Increase Participation [p.16] Shipmates Wanted for Round the World Expedition--Students and Unemployment: Grab that Janitors Job While Last/Bill McGraw.