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Balance (ecology club), basketball, Beverly Macon, Board of Governors degree program, Celia Ann Toll, children's theater, College of Cultural Studies (CCS), College of Human Learning and Development (CHLD), college sports, college students transportation, Financial Aid, Human Potential Movement, international students, school enrollment, shuttle services, Governors State University Student Services, Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC), Sztuba parcel


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] Traveling On?/Joanna Cohn and Ciel Snowden--GSU Future Promising/Herbert Williams [p.2] UAP Takes a Stand on Financial Aids/C. Williamson--Student Advisory Committee--Foreign Students Have an Advisor...?/M. Farook Alikhan--We Do Have a Good Thing Goin'/Colleen Green--Fool on the Wall--Open Letter Continued/Larry Posanka [p.3] Open Interview for Candidate of Math Position in HLD--To the Students of Cultural Studies [p.4] Humanistic Psychology Conference at GSU/Fidelis Amatokwu--First Student for Flexible Degree--New Professional Staff--CHLD Busy Reorganizing/Herbert Williams [p.5] It's Coming/Ed Washington--"Ali Baba and the Magic Cave"--Concert Series [p.6] Shades of Gray/Anna Harris--Do Freedom Seekers Always Fight/Fidelis Amatokwu--Drug Films [p.7] Illinois Students Seek Funds from Congress--Black Poets Rap--GSU's Temp--Projections in CCS Part I/Milt Petritsch--Park Forest Art Fair--BOG Considers Fate of Sztuba Parcel--GSU Ski Trip [p.8] Living/Paul Bisgaard--The Camp Fire/Fidelis Amatokwu--Cabral Dies in Ambush--Did You Know?/Hollis Gearring [p.9] News Briefs--Information Please!/Marilyn Zwiers--Tell It Like It Is/Leola Scheard [p.10] Movie Review/Milt Petritsch--"And Things That Go Bump"--Diaspora/Voices Behind The Walls/Anthony and Addie--Apathy at GSU/Frank Pointek--Position for Assembly Intern Open--Where Have All the Students Gone?/Joanna Cohn [p.11] Poetry Corner--A Literary Magazine for GSU/Milt Petritsch [p.12] GSU and Western Tangle/Herbert Williams.