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Adele Devera, college administrators, Donald Crayton, G. Edward Stormer, gardens, jazz ensembles, Jean Kalwa, Theology for Lunch, tuition


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] G.S.U. Reorganization Announced--Tuition Increase Hits Governors State--Clean Streams Week Kicks Off Here [p.2] How to Wreck a Nation/State [p.3] Letters--Confessions\Matthew A. Koswenda--Memorial to Ed Stormer/Jacquie Lewis--Student Director Does the Impossible [p. 4] Commentary on Better Communities Workshop\Sandra Walsh Ohde--Saul Bellow Looks at Chicago\Sue Gray--Life in a Bathtub\Ron Saucci--Can or Should We Recapture the "Gay Spirit"\Sandra Walsh Olde--Can You Hunker [p.5] Where Do We Get Our Values?\Sue Gray--Legal Aid\E.J. Demson--Chris Panos: A Believer in Human Rights--"Women and Religion"--Art: It's Revelation of Reality--Theology for Lunch Schedule [p.6] News Briefs [p.7] A Youth Welfare Workshop--Youth\Adele Devera--Some Water is Unsafe\Stuart Diamond--The Books that RCA, Gulf & Western, and the LA Times Publish--GSU Garden Grows\Sue Gray [p.10] The Fight for Freedom in South Africa\Suzanne Haig--On the Job in Illinois: Then and Now [p.11] "Twelve Steps High"\Linda Tripple--GSU Student Wins Danforth Fellowship--Former Student Sues CIA\Ken Palmer--How to Seek Out Those Nasty FBI Files [p.12] GSU Jazz Ensemble Goes to Atlanta--Future Years\Linda Hinker--Why Not Get Involved?\Linda Hinker--In the Hole\Robert A. Blue--The Rhythms of Life Reproduced in Sea Horse\Sandra Walsh Olde [p.13] Review: Is This Watcha Want\Linda Tripple--Natalie Cole in Review--Network Reviewed [p.14] Food Stuff--Black Notes\Duane Jackson--College Beer Study\Linda Hinker [p.16] JobMart.