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Summer 2016


Faculty and staff at GSU are increasingly finding innovative ways to advance the mission of the university, with the support of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research. As we compete for extramural funding from both public and private sources, the OSPR plays a crucial role. The OSPR has steadily increased our capacity to successfully fund a variety of programs, including those underpinning excellent student outcomes, as well as those providing the basis for scholarship among our faculty. OSPR has established a track record of expertly managing faculty-initiated research awards, but has also grown faculty interest and competencies through a regular series of workshops and resources related to identifying, preparing for, and securing grants. As a recent submitter of grant applications to two different federal organizations, I can attest to the value of the expertise and responsiveness of our OSPR staff. OSPR facilitated my attendance at pre-application webinars, helped me access the electronic application systems, reviewed my applications for accuracy and consistency with federal rules and university policies, assisted me in developing a budget, and coordinated correspondence with program officers. OSPR has also organized and guided the many operational processes involved in post-award management, so that researchers can focus on their scholarship. When I received an NIH grant, OSPR made it possible for me to navigate hiring, purchasing, budget monitoring, and reporting, and still have time to do the work that had been funded. As we look to the future, the ability to sustain and increase GSU’s capacity for extramural funding takes on great importance if we are to support high-quality education even in the face of budget uncertainty. OSPR continues to stimulate new efforts and bring new opportunities to GSU, and to build a supportive environment for faculty and staff who venture into the world of extramural funding.

Catherine Balthazar, PhD, CCC-SLP Professor & Chair, Department of Communication Disorders