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Some students in high school can feel isolated for highly personal reasons. The challenge for every educational institution is creating a safe and tolerant environment in which students learn, share, and grow.

Or it should be, according to Dr. Hugh Crethar, Associate Professor of school counseling in the College of Education at Governors State University in University Park.

Crethar believes that assisting educational institutions, including GSU, to reach the level of knowledge and understanding that ensures a safe learning environment for all students is critical.

“Often issues of sexual orientation and gender identity are either ignored or seen as too problematic to address. This creates an intolerant and potentially harmful school atmosphere. Students cannot learn or reach their potential if they feel disconnected from or threatened by their environment.”

To enable schools to achieve greater understanding and effectiveness, Crethar and GSU are hosting a free, unique, and far-reaching workshop designed to give educators the knowledge and tools they need to create a better, safer learning environment.