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Recently it was announced that valuable social services and medical supports relied on by so many poor and underinsured members of our communities will soon be curtailed as local and county budgets are tightened. Frequently, counseling services are more adversely impacted by these cuts, and the people they serve are drastically affected.

"Community counseling helps people in so many ways. Reducing or eliminating these services effects an individual’s productivity, family life, parenting skills, and so much more,” said Dr. Byron Waller, Co-Clinical Coordinator of the Counseling Lab Governors State University in University Park.“

It is especially important at these times for people to know about the free counseling services available at the university. While we can not pick up all the slack created by budget cuts at the social service agencies, we want to help as many people as we can,” added Waller.

The Division of Psychology and Counseling at GSU offers free counseling services as part of its training program for advanced graduate counseling students. Students are studying for their Master of Arts in Counseling, learning about family, couples, individual, and vocational counseling.