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The popularity of the CSI television shows highlights the immense fascination that forensics, the gathering and analysis of evidence, has for the general public. To see a crime solved by a fingerprint, a single strand of hair, or the imprint of a shoe may stretch credibility in the average viewer, but not to a forensic expert.

Governors State University’s recently established Center for Law Enforcement Technology Collaboration (CLETC) will offer a new course in forensic photography during the upcoming Fall 2007 trimester. The course will focus on the importance of collecting photographic evidence correctly and effectively from a crime scene. “Forensic photography is a tool in forensic science aiding in investigation and prosecution,” explained Tim Eley, the course instructor. Eley, a former FBI special investigator, was trained by the Bureau as a member of the Evidence Response Team in Chicago for more than 10 years.

In the new course, students will learn how to take photographs and how to testify about what the photographs show in court.