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This is the second issue of a quarterly journal on the southern suburbs. It is our hope that is some modest way we will add some ideas and some information about the region in which we live. We see a variety of positive, progressive signs of development in this region. We also see a number of recurring problems and dilemmas. All of them demand attention. We solicit your help in identifying topics and data that ought to be communicated. This issue focuses heavily on ideas and developments related to fair housing .and racial integration. Several legal cases have been resolved and positive steps taken. Along with accounts of these, we have included what we see as a thoughtful reflection on these basic issues by Dr. Kenneth Claus of Park Forest's Faith United Protestant Church. In this reprint of his sermon, Dr. Claus examines several important dimensions of anti-discrimination/pro-integration concerns and looks at the very different strategies of Park Forest and Starrett City in New York. In our last issue, the Data Pages provided 1980 Census figures for all the communities and townships of our region. In this issue, we are providing the addresses and telephone numbers for the same. For this issue we express our thanks for assistance to the staff of the Housing Center, Dr. Claus, and the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences at Governors State University.


Courtesy of the Archives of the Park Forest Historical Society. Digitization and public distribution is a cooperative project of the Park Forest Historical Society Archives and Governors State University Archives.