Research Week 2021

Last academic year our annual event was cancelled due to the sudden move to a virtual learning environment because of the corona virus (COVID-19). This year we want to give everyone an opportunity to share the results of their research, especially under the continued challenges of conducting research while remaining socially distanced. Instead of our usual research day, we will conduct a Research Week, running on demand sessions for Research Papers on Monday through Thursday, April 5th - 8th; hosting live yet virtual via WebEx, Poster Sessions on April 7th – 9th; and hosting on Friday April 9th, live Panel and Paper sessions via WebEx.

Check your GSU email for a complete updated schedule of the 2021 program with WebEx links, or download the 2021 Research Week Schedule from the sidebar or from here.

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April 5 - Monday
April 7 - Wednesday
April 8 - Thursday
April 9 - Friday
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