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Fall 1990


Course syllabus for ACCT 331A Cost Accounting I

Course description: The overall objective of this course is to describe, use and evaluate methods of cost identification, accumulation, allocation and disclosure. The first set of lectures considers cost accounting fundamentals. This set of lectures considers; the role of the accountant in the entity, cost accounting principles and terminology, the relationships among costs, volume and profit, product costing systems and budgeting. The second set of lectures focuses on the role of budgets and standard costs for planning and control of organizational resources. Topics considered here include; master budgeting, flexible budgeting, standard costing and alternative product costing methods. The third group of classes presents a framework for the analysis of costs for decision making purposes. Short run and long run cost behavior patterns are considered and evaluated. The final group of lectures address the issue of departmental cost allocation focusing on its relationship to reporting and internal resource allocation decisions.