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Winter 1994


Course syllabus for ACCT 332 Cost Accounting II

Course description: An advanced study of cost accounting and decision-making concepts, objectives, and terminology essential to the cost accountant's role in business. Topics include accounting for spoilage and waste, joint products and by-product costing, process costing, decision modeling, capital budgeting, operations management, non-manufacturing costing, applications of operations research methods, probabilities, transfer pricing, variances, and regression analysis.


Supplemental files include a slightly different version of the ACCT 332 Winter 1994 syllabus.

acct332_1994_wi_obri2.pdf (482 kB)
ACCT 332 Winter 1994 (2)

acct332a_1994_fa_obri.pdf (464 kB)
ACCT 332A Fall 1994

acct332b_1994_fa_obri.pdf (467 kB)
ACCT 332B Fall 1994