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Winter 2002


Course syllabus for ACCT 301 Financial Accounting

Course description: The course emphasizes the beginning accounting cycle. The course integrates accounting principles and their applications to business objectives, financial statement preparation, flow of funds, current assets, noncurrent assets, short-term liabilities, stockholders' equity, inventory methods and evaluation, depreciation methods, and development of accounting principles.


Supplemental files include additional versions of the Winter 2002 syllabus.

acct301_2002_wi_wash2.pdf (427 kB)
ACCT 301 Winter 2002 (2)

acct301_2002_wi_wash3.pdf (365 kB)
ACCT 301 Winter 2002 (3)

acct301_2002_wi_wash4.pdf (432 kB)
ACCT 301 Winter 2002 (4)

acct301_2002_ss_wash.pdf (470 kB)
ACCT 301 Spring/Summer 2002

acct301_2002_fa_wash.pdf (413 kB)
ACCT 301 Fall 2002

acct301sa_2002_fa_wash.pdf (795 kB)
ACCT 301SA Fall 2002