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Winter 1995


Course syllabus for CJUS 61 New Approaches to Justice Standards and Practices

Course description: The purpose of this course is to increase awareness in the study of criminal justice in national and international comparative examination. The class will explore theoretical exposition of criminal behavior of offenders.The rights of the individual persons will be examined in relation to the constitutional guarantees accorded to criminal defendants, especially as stipulated in the 1st-10th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

We will explore the two models applicable to the study of criminal justice: (1) the conflict model and (2) the consensus model. From the above theories pertaining to "individual rights" and the "community interests", we will probe for accurate understanding of eight major crimes, such as (1) murder, (2) forcible rape, (3) robbery, (4) aggravated assault, (5) burglary, (6) larceny, (7) motor vehicle theft and (8) arson. The class will study different trends in criminal justice, legal aspects of processes, policing, courts, corrections, juvenile crime preventions and other contemporary issues emanating from international criminal justice systems.