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Summer 1997


Course syllabus for EDPD 650 Topics in Education: Multicultural Education

Course description: This workshop will help educators and interested community and parent representatives examine ways to meet the needs of all students and prepare all learners for the diverse world in which they will live and work. Participants will be introduced to various aspects of a comprehensive multicultural school program. An opportunity to explore personal learning and interactional styles will also take place as a way of helping participants examine the wide scope and impact of diversity for our interactions with other professionals, students, and adults.

Participants will look at various resources for establishing such a multicultural school environment including staff development, curriculum, and human resources. Participants will consider differing approaches to multicultural curriculum, including an Infusion model where the curriculum is developed and utilized across the entire curriculum rather than at one time, or in isolated units or subjects. One example of a district's comprehensive and ongoing approach to multicultural education will be presented. Participants will consider ways to incorporate the symposium's content within their own schools


Date derived from information on page 8.