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Fall 1998


Course syllabus for HLAD 701 Medical Care in Society: Health, Ethics and Leadership

Course description: Overview of the field focusing on the social, behavioral and ethical aspects of the health system. Covers such topics as epidemiology, health and illness, the sick role, the utilization of health services and the determinants of health. The course will focus on emerging trends in health administration such as the need to understand the ethical implications of resource issues and the requirement of acquiring leadership skills to help reform the healthcare system from within. This should be one of the first courses taken by students in the program. Beyond this introduction, the course will spend five weeks on the basics of medical sociology which describes medicine as an institution. This ends with looking at the norms in the doctor-patient relationship. Next, the course examines some of the ethical issues that arise out of this relationship and then related management ethical issues, including playing a leadership role in community health initiatives. This leads into the third part of the course: Leadership Theory and Skills.