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Fall 1995


Course syllabus for MGMT 52AAS Capitalizing on the Internet

Course description: The course is designed to help the student to understand how business is conducted on the Internet. The student is introduced to a variety of Internet business tools (electronic mail, Gopher, World Wide Web, FTP, Telnet, etc.). Through hands-on lab exercises the student gains the know-how to dive in and confidently explore the Internet. The course discusses how to choose appropriate Internet software tools for various applications, and teaches how to create, implement, and maintain business applications with these tools. The course also provides a basic introduction to the following topics:

  • factors to be considered in choosing an Internet Service Provider
  • cost-effective methods for connecting the student's office, home or laptop computer to the Internet
  • how to join a newsgroup that collects the business articles/reports the student is interested in
  • firewalls and Internet security issues