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Fall 1996


Course syllabus for MGMT 340B Production Management

Course description: Discusses applications of management science and analysis to the production function. Emphasizes operations management as it relates to product development, plant location and layout, product cost analysis, work measurement, work simplification, safety management, and quality control. The course deals with the broad area of operations management (POM) and covers aspects connected with the planning, coordination and implementation of the activities and tasks that lead to the creation of goods and services. Besides introducing students to the tools, techniques and processes relevant to modern manufacturing management, the course teaches methods and techniques with wide application to a variety of services (health care, banking, hotel management, education, transportation and government). Operations function is responsible for the transformation of inputs (3Ms - men, material & machinery) into outputs (products and services) - a value-added concept. Considerable emphasis is placed on total quality management and customer-orientation. The course is designed to help students learn the interrelationship of operations function to other major business functions (marketing, finance and personnel).