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Spring 1993


Course syllabus for MGMT 410 International Business

Course description: This course presents an introduction and overview of the economic, social, and political aspects of international/multinational business theory and practice. The course provides a foundation for students who wish to acquire greater knowledge and expertise in this rapidly expanding field. Students who complete this course in International Business should be able to: 1. Determine the three environments-domestic, foreign, and international and analyze the environments that are categorized as controllable and uncontrollable. 2. Identify reasons for going abroad and market entry methods, take into account economic theories on international trade, development, and investment, including international organizations such as the world bank, and the international monetary fund. Introduction to the international monetary system and balance of payments and the effect on world trade. 3. Size up demographic changes and their impact on economic and socioeconomic forces and their significance to international business, review legal forces and their impact on the MNC. 4. Analyze the impact of labor forces on decision making. The effect of competitive and distributive forces on strategic planning. Approach production systems and their influence on import/export. 5. Identify the competitive and distributive forces in the international environment and determine their influence on market assessment and analysis. Become familiar with marketing internationally. Approach export and import practices and procedures and associate them with east-west relations. 6. Review financial management from an international perspective, identify the core problems and/or issues and evaluate management's strategy in relation to the international environment.