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Winter 1997


Course syllabus for MGMT 432A Quality Management

Course description: This course will cover the management of quality. There are two major points to be made here. First of all, this is not a statistics course. Despite the fact that various statistical techniques will be used, this is most definitely a management course. You should learn a variety of things in this course which will make you better managers and, hopefully, better leaders as well. The second point is that this is not a course designed only for production management majors. Quality, and most of the techniques discussed in this course, apply equally well to nonproduction environments. Doing things correctly, and redesigning the system that you use to enable yourself to do things even better, apply just as much to an accountant conducting an audit, a personnel manager hiring a new employee, or a systems analyst designing an order processing system as they do to a production worker manufacturing a widget.

The course will cover a mixture of technical and behavioral material. The technical material will include acceptance sampling, control charts, the measurement of process capability, Taguchi methods, and a variety of process improvement/problem solving tools. The behavioral material will include team building, employee empowerment, labor relations and the management of change.



Course title derived from other syllabi in the series.