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Fall 1997


Course syllabus for MGMT 442A Materials and Logistics Management

Course description: This course will cover the management of purchasing and logistics. Very simply, we will study how a firm must behave in order to get the right stuff to the right place at the right time. American manufacturers have traditionally placed a great deal of emphasis on reducing direct labor costs as a major way to increase both competitiveness and profit. In recent years, however, firms have begun to take a serious look at how much benefit can be obtained by improving performance in the logistics and purchasing areas. Since material costs generally represent more of the cost of goods sold than direct labor, reductions in material purchase and handling cost can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line. But purchasing and logistics should not be thought of solely as candidates for cost savings. Tremendous improvements in quality, lead time and customer service can by achieved as well. Thus purchasing and logistics can help a firm to gain a competitive advantage over its competition.

In the first two thirds of the course we will cover the entire supply chain, from raw material procurement all the way through to the retail customer. The text for this part of the course is The Management of Business Logistics. For the remainder of the course we will focus specifically on purchasing. The text for this part of the course is Value-Driven Purchasing.