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Fall 2001


Course syllabus for MGMT 469 Business Policy

Course description: This is the capstone course of the B.A. in Business Administration. The course is designed to integrate the various functional areas of business and administration through case discussion that applies management, finance, production, marketing, economics, and accounting principles to solving business problems.

This course is about strategic management systems in action. The course will discuss the concept of a strategic framework for the organization, and the aligning of component and subsidiary parts of the organization into that framework, including both long-term and short-term enactment, accountability, and performance reporting. Discussions regarding the linkages between management processes and strategies will also be included. The challenge for each student will be to develop an understanding of what new management practices and behaviors will be needed to support a strategic management system.

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MGMT 469B Winter 2001

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MGMT 469B Summer 2001