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Fall 1994


Course syllabus for MIS 830A Problems in Management Information Systems

Course description: Studies the role and application of computers in modern organizations. Discusses appropriate strategies for the effective utilization of computerized environment to improve productivity and efficiency of organizations, especially planning and control functions. Major thrust of the course is focused on the following concepts/assumptions:

  1. Information systems can provide competitive advantage to organizations and this recognition is important in corporate strategy formulation/implementation.
  2. Development and widespread corporate use of databases, Al/expert systems and client server technology have changed the nature and role of information systems.
  3. Recent technological advances (microcomputers, distributed systems, end user computing, local area networks, micro mainframe linkages, fourth generation software, multimedia computing, object-oriented programming, remote computing, etc.) have made a qualitative changes in the way information is acquired, processed, and used by organizations.

Topics covered include the following: Conceptual Frameworks of MIS and DSS; Information Systems for Strategic Planning vs Operations Control; Prototyping Methodology; Use of Models in a Computerized Environment; Centralization vs Decentralization; Distributed Information Systems; Assessment of Information Requirements; Expert Systems and AI Applications; Executive Support Systems; Multimedia Computing; Mobile Computing; Client Server Technology; Feasibility, Design and Implementation of DSS; etc. The course attempts to provide an overview of modern technological and managerial developments in MIS and their impacts on corporate management and organizational structure. Case discussion will be used as the primary instructional format. The instructor will present selected MIS topics in a lecture format in each class session. Each student is required to prepare one or more assigned papers. A seminar approach will be used to examine the contents/significance of the assigned papers.


MIS 830A