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Fall 1995


Course syllabus for NURS 470 Introduction to Health Assessment

Course description: This course is a customized two-credit undergraduate course. The major focus is on nursing health assessment as a major component of the nursing process. Basic components of the health history as the foundation for physical assessment are integrated throughout.

Special strategies for developing and updating histories and eliciting subjective information on individual with special needs are addressed as appropriate. Emphasis is on developing basic physical assessment skills and documenting findings. Role-plays will be used to practice physical examination techniques. Decision-making about developing a basic history and physical data base on common presenting signs and symptoms is included within classes on appropriate systems.

Common deviations from normal are addressed, however, physical diagnosis is beyond the scope of this courses. Participants are directed to other sources for more advanced nursing assessment skills. A foundational knowledge of anatomy/physiology and nursing skills is assumed. The textbook presents basic anatomy and physiology for each system.