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The University Statistical Abstract 1980 represents the third publication of this major GSU planning document. As in the past, we have attempted to include information that should be of use to all segments of the University community. Given the breadth and scope of the information presented in this document, the University's faculty, staff, and students will be able to utilize these data for academic and institutional planning, program review, and institutional research purposes.

Based upon suggestions and input from the University community and outside consultants, several modifications have been incorporated into this publication. Wherever possible, academic data are now presented at the major level of aggregation rather than the program level. Secondly, additional statistics have been provided on such topics as student attrition, student geographic origin, daytime enrollment growth, Physical Plant costs, capital budgets, and more sophisticated state-wide cost comparisons. Thirdly, a whole new section, "Academic Productivity and Program Costs," has been included in the report. For the first time, programmatic outputs, i.e., the number of majors, courses taught, hours produced, faculty loads, etc., are presented in one convenient section and then related to the costs of these activities.

Despite our best efforts I am sure individual readers will find some area of interest not adequately treated in this document. Therefore, your suggestions for improving both the content and format are earnestly solicited for next year's publication.