The Nate: Early Days  (Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park)


The Nate: Early Days (Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park)



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GSU Anniversaries and Historical Documents


15 minutes

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In this presentation, Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park director Jeff Stevenson shares clippings from a 1985 interview of Bill Dodd, Director of Advancement, conducted by Dr. Leo Goodman-Malamuth, President of GSU and host of the program "GSU Views" on the GSU cable TV channel. In this interview Bill Dodd recounts the early history of the sculpture park and some of the early sculptures, and the inaugural 1979 show: The Sculptor, The Campus, and The Prairie which gained national recognition. Historic video is interwoven with contemporary images of the Sculpture Park. This video was made to promote the William Dodd Memorial Prairie Restoration Fund, established by the University Foundation in 2014. The Fund made the GSU Butterfly Ranch possible.


Bill Dodd, Leo Goodman-Malamuth, William Dodd Memorial Prairie Restoration Fund, The Sculptor The Campus and The Prairie, Phoenix


"GSU Views" was a talk show hosted by Dr. Leo Goodman-Malamuth II, during his years as University President. During the half-hour interviews, the president and his guests discuss a wide variety of topics "which we believe will be of considerable interest to a non-academic audience," according to Dr. Goodman-Malamuth II. The 30-minute program was carried on Cable-TV in the southern suburbs by Cox Cable Park Forest, Joyce Cable-Joliet, Metrovision in the Palos Hills area and by Cablenet, Channel 21, serving several northwest suburbs. This show reached approximately 75,000 homes in metropolitan Chicago.

GSU Views was produced to professional standards in the TV studios of the ICC (Instructional Communications Center) department of the university. Professor Tony Labriola was the director. The technical crews consisted of both faculty with professional experience and students in media communications. The show made its debut in October 1982 and ran until 1989. According to an August 20, 1992 Innovator (student newspaper) article, Dr. Goodman-Malamuth hosted over 125 shows. The programs were offered without charge to local cable companies as a public service of the university.

The Nate: Early Days  (Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park)