There are inconsistencies in volume and issue numbering throughout Please note that the volume and number information in each record reflects what was printed on the individual issue.

The first issue of was undated and was not printed with volume or number.

For 1997-1999, the new volume number began in September rather than January. This pattern changed in 2000 with the new volume number starting in January.

In 1999, the September and October issues were mistakenly printed as volume 3 number 9, instead of numbers 10 and 11.

In 2000, issue numbering jumped from volume 4 number 3 for March to volume 4 number 10 for April.

In 2001, issue numbering was also inconsistent. The first issue published in March was printed as volume 5 number 1. The next issue in April was marked as volume 5 number 3. There was no volume 5 issue 2 as far as we know. The October issue was labeled as volume 4 number 15. This numbering pattern continued until the final issue, December 2001 marked volume 4 number 17.